Tourguide Tom
For many people kayaking is bearing in mind as an exhausting activity associated with hard seats, overturning boats an so on... Please forget this! Appr. 15 years ago kayak designers startet to create kayaks with comfortable seats, stability and course maintaining. So like ours. They are made really for everybody - it' s a dare!

Here we offer you:

25 kajaks
 4 canoes
 life jackets for everybody
 watertight bags
 maps & appropriate

Bike rental:

 Griebnitzsee Station
 Potsdam Main Station
Berlin at Potsdamer Platz


Potsdam Kayak Tour: Fascinating Gardens, Villas, History

Geführte Kajaktour Potsdam

Discover one of the most mesmerizing areas of Germany: the palace, garden and lake disctrict between Berlin and Potsdam. This area is the climax of the German romantic landscape architecture of the 19th. century. Realised by the architects Schinkel, Lenné, Persius and Fürst Pückler. At the same time it is a place, where the history of the 20th century ruled and left significant traces. The Potsdam Conference with Truman, Churchill and Stalin, the dead zone of the Berlin wall and the exchange of the spies during the Cold War on the Glienicker Bridge. Enjoy the thrill between beauty and contemporary history.

  • 3 hours (8 km)

Public Tour: Saturdays 5 p.m. (May till October 4.)

Private tour: anytime on request.

Meeting point:  Train Station Griebnitzsee, Kayak rentals

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Public Tour Saturdays 3 p.m.
Price including kayak and guide:  25 €
Kids, pupils, students 20 €

Reservation public tour

Privat Tours on request
Price per Person incl. equipment and guide  4-5 participants  6-10 participants over 11 participants
normal 35 € 29 € 21 €
students, pupils 30 € 27 € 19 €
Pupils/studens have to be at least 16 years old.
booking request private tour